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Sovereign Credit Risk Seminar on 4-5 November 2019, Prague

The seminar identifies relevant approaches of credit analysis that are useful to incorporate in a financial institution’s own internal rating tool. Further, this enables participants to deepen their expertise about credit risk for global banks and sovereign obligors. Know-how about the rating agencies’ modus operandi will be transformed into practical tips about how internal

Ratings and creditworthiness of insurance companies on 5 June 2019, Vienna

International rating agencies assess the credit risk of insurance companies according to their own methods and criteria. As a result, even if the same hard facts are being considered, rating results can vary among different rating agencies. The large number of rating factors and complex correlations between ratings in different sectors can make it

Sovereign Ratings Seminar on 22 May 2019, Vienna

The seminar covers a variety of rating criteria for sovereign and supranational organizations. Using detailed case studies, you will analyze how rating agencies use their own methods and which questions may remain unanswered in published rating reports. Various rating methodologies will be presented to discuss the different inter-related criteria, rating factors and qualitative adjustment

Sovereign Risk Analysis, Washington and New York, 2019

This workshop provides a comprehensive foundation for assessing country and sovereign risk issues. With the use of quantitative factors and data as well as internal and external risk determinants, participants will be able to analyze relevant risk factors. Delegates to this course will gain an understanding of the pricing of securities in capital markets,

International Rating Criteria Under The Microscope, 12-13 June 2018, Vienna

The seminar covers the individual rating factors and advanced bank rating criteria of Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch. The global methodologies will be presented using best practices and detailed case studies. We will deal with current ratings of Austrian and international banks in order to being able to compare them qualitatively as well as quantitativily and thereby understand the